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"National month of GIVING!"
Childline India Foundation

December is National Giving Month - The Month of Giving & Kindness

It is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and It is a movement to create a better future for children in need.

CHILDLINE (1098) is the national emergency helpline for children in need of care and protection. Children who call 1098 for help are visited within the hour to ensure that their needs are taken care of and their issues addressed. This could involve rescuing them from abuse or exploitation, restoring them with their families, finding them a home, giving them access to food, medical care and education, and generally ensuring that they are safe and happy. To this end, CHILDLINE works in close coordination with district administrations, child protection bodies, health departments, law enforcement, and civil society networks to extend emergency relief and rescue for children and families affected by the crisis, strengthen local child protection mechanisms, disseminate information about child rights and safety, distribute hygiene kits, food and medical supplies, and more. 

Since April 2021, CHILDLINE has answered over 3.3 million calls and assisted/rescued over 2.5 lakh children. The CHILDLINE network today extends across 602 districts, with 1,085 intervention units (including Child Help Desks at 144 railway stations and 10 bus stands) and 830 collaborative partner organisations, and will continue to remain steadfast in its mission to address the needs of children in distress, and bring them under the framework of child protection mechanisms.

 Help us rescue children who are abused, forced into child marriage, child labour, missing, lost and many more such distressful situations children find themselves in. Make a generous contribution!

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