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"Joy of Giving Week - #daanutsav"
Childline India Foundation

Daan Utsav was formerly known as The Joy of Giving Week. Celebrated every year from October 2 to 8, during #DaanUtsav people perform acts of kindness by giving their time, material or money in interesting ways to any cause(s) they believe in.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the lives of millions across the globe. The effects of the crisis have been felt deeply, especially by vulnerable groups living on the fringes. Caught amidst the socio-economic fallout of the disease and the all-pervasive sense of uncertainty and anxiety, children face heightened threats to their safety and well-being.

All through the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown in India, CHILDLINE 1098, the emergency helpline for children in need of care and protection, has continued to receive calls 24x7 without any disruption to take up interventions to prevent abuse, assist children in distress and provide emotional support.

Your donation will further our vision of ensuring a happy and healthy childhood of children in need. Donate to protect children and provide a safe and healthy environment.


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