COVID-19 Resources

We’re here for you.

No matter what your troubles are, we will help you.

All you need to do is call us on 1098. If you find it easier you can ask for help here (click here).

Let us know what’s troubling you.

  • Is someone hurting you?
  • Are you being forced to work?
  • Are you being sent far away from home?
  • Are you feeling sick and nobody is there to care for you?
  • Are you scared because you do not have a place to stay?
  • Are you having trouble with the police or some authority like your school teacher?

We are here to help you no matter what your problems are.

All you need to do is:

Dial 1098 or get in touch with us online (click here)
Provide the details to CHILDLINE India Foundation team and they will come to help you (your name and identity will be kept confidential)
We are here to help and make sure that you have a better tomorrow.