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CHILDLINE Faridabad, Haryana received information about children who were working as child labourers at a chicken and egg shop. However, on reaching the location, the team did not find any children. Upon following up with the caller, the team learnt that the children came to work only in the night. The caller also shared photographic evidence. When CHILDLINE visited again, the team found three children aged 14 to 17 years working at the shop.

During the counselling session, CHILDLINE learnt that the children were school dropouts. An FIR was registered against their employer under the JJ Act and then they were presented before the CWC (Child Welfare Committee). The CWC ordered that they undergo a medical test and be given temporary shelter at Karm Marg. The next day, the children were handed over to their parents, who were also counselled.

Children engaged in child labour are deprived of dignity and childhood. Such children are unable to go to school often remain illiterate for the rest of their lives. Child labour is harmful to their overall development and mental health.

Therefore, if you come across a child engaged in child labour please do not hesitate to call CHILDLINE 1098.

1 March 2021

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